Rip-off creative writing courses part 2: The Guardian

You’ll remember the Guardian. This was the paper that spent half the eighties and nineties trying to convince the Labour party to abandon its roots, then every day since lamenting the consequences. What a cruel, moneygrabbing world we now live in, but sadly even the liberal bourgeoisie have to make a living, hence the Guardian’s writing masterclasses which offer us the chance to become a successful novelist at the bargain basement price of £4000 for a 24-week course, including VAT.

According to my handy pocket calculator, this works out at just £166.66 recurring per week. Mind you, to complete all three levels of the Guardian “Masterclass”, you will need to fork out a further £11,000.

The course should, in my opinion, come with a warning similar to the “shares can go up as well as down” in investment ads. This should read “even in the event of getting published, you may not recoup your £15,000 from the royalties you receive”.

Courses at Bute Park Education Centre continue after Easter at the usual rate of £10 per hour.

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