Next Cardiff creative writing course starts Sunday January 12

Victorian School RoomFollowing the success of the “Can You Write a Children’s Picture Book?” event, another six-week creative writing course begins on Sunday January 12th (ending Sunday February 16th). The workshops, which take place from 1.30 to 3pm each Sunday at the Bute Park Education Centre, will be adapted to the interests of whoever takes part. Anyone is welcome, whether experienced or not: the workshops take place in a convivial and constructive atmosphere aimed at making all participants as confident as possible.

The cost of these workshops will, as usual, be a tenner an hour: £90 for the six-week course. You can register here. Anyone who has already attended a creative writing class at the centre gets a £10 discount.

If you are interested in joining the course, but are unable to to make any of the dates, you can make up for any time you miss by discussing your work by email correspondence.

Any questions, just email Jon Blake by using the link to the right.

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