Top quality online tuition

Apologies again for the lack of face-to-face workshops at present, but unfortunately a long-term kidney problem has worsened and I’m unable to make plans until I start dialysis and know what I’m capable of. If anyone wants to donate me a kidney please let me know as that should solve the problem! However I am still providing writers of any experience with online feedback; the cost of this is negotiable depending on how much work is involved, but usually no more than the cost of attending a workshop and far less than the many greedy merchants out there doing their best to rip off writers. Contact me if you’re interested in sending me work or would like me to provide you with online writing stimuli.

Stop Press: I’ve now had a successful operation on my arm (second time lucky) which should mean I can start dialysis by July, hopefully making classes once more possible. In the mean time I’m still taking on individual students for online tuition, beside writing what I confidently expect to be my sixty-fourth publication!