Book now for online courses

Update: both live and online courses are currently suspended: see above for individual tuition. Enquiries are always welcome.

Trapped in the house?  That need not stop you learning the art of creative writing!  Courses in Bute Park, Cardiff may be temporarily suspended, but the workshops are simply shifting online, which means that anyone, anywhere can now take advantage of top-quality tuition at a bargain basement price: just £85 for six weeks.  It is possible to take a general creative writing course, or a writing for children course, or even propose a course of your own choosing, and if enough people are interested, I will set up an online class. Virtual workshops normally take place on Sundays at 1.30pm, but with so  many people off work or working at home, other times may be arranged to everybody’s convenience.

Check out the reviews and the other information available on this website, and if you’re interested, simply email me telling me what you want to study. When there are at least half a dozen people ready to study the same course, I’ll set it up and you can book here. You’ll get the same tuition as hundreds have received over eight years at Bute Park.

Writers of any experience, including beginners, are welcome. Numbers are inevitably limited, so if you fancy having a go, don’t delay!

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